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Best Investment Options For Salaried Persons Every investor has different goals, investment amount and horizon. Investment makes things easier for us by decreasing or eliminating the liabilities from our life. The below mentioned options are best investment options for a salaried person. EPF –.

Best Investment Options for 2012 When it comes to managing finances, investment is a matter of purchasing an asset with the expectation of better capital profits, interest and a combination of good returns. There are countless modes or options which can be deemed to be the best investment options for 2012single option can instantly make an individual a millionaire or a billionaire. This is the simple, yet harsh truth, that all of us need to accept.

Top 10 Investment Options in India Most of us dream of retiring in Panama or Spain by the time we turn 45. As per the investment plan an investor should thoughtfully select the best option available in the capital market that meets his requirements. Top Investment Options. While some plans accrue short term profits some are long term deposits.

Best investment options in us:

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